Sports Round-up 6th and 7th weeks MT14

Sorry for the lack of sports roundup last week.

The boys’ football teams have only played two games between them in the last two weeks. The firsts game was a bit of a non-event given that Corpus turned up with 9 players, two of whom had to leave for a tute at half time. The Corpus groundsman made an appearance in the second half and helped keep the result down to 7-1 to Jesus. The seconds had a dramatic Cuppers encounter with Balliol, a topsy-turvy affair with neither team really being able to assert their dominance in what was a high quality affair. Swift bagged himself a hat-trick on the way to a 4-3 Jesus victory, but the end of the game could have been very different. A penalty awarded to Jesus before a disallowed Balliol goal for offside left the men in red feeling aggrieved, but Jesus marched on to the next round – an 8th week encounter with Univ.

The girls also had a Cuppers game, a quarter final no less, against a team with a 100% league and cup record this year. Unfortunately, the Jesus Cuppers dream, like all good things, came to an end with a 9-1 defeat, although the girls should reflect on their great success to get to this stage. It has also been said that the Jesus girls’ aggression managed to intimidate their opposition, although with a couple of rugby blues in the Jesus team is that really any surprise?

Moving on from football, the hockey season was also wrapped up in the last couple of weeks. The girls finished their season earlier in term, so they were able to rest and prepare for their assault on Cuppers next term. Attempts to secure a mixed friendly were initially looking good, until Exeter, true to form, pulled out leaving Jesus safe in their longstanding knowledge that Exeter are in fact really scared of us. That left the boys (and East) to their final promotion/title/relegation showdown with Trinity. Due to the unique way college hockey is organized, all three of these outcomes were possible, and Jesus knew their big players had to perform. Not being one to disappoint, “Hugoals” Manson reclaimed his name with two goals. Some pundits have dubbed the East-Mooney central midfield partnership as “one that will go down in history” and it certainly did contribute to the 2-0 Jesus victory. Lester can only hope his team can live up to the enhanced expectations next time around.

The rugby team have been quietly going about their business (or as quietly as is possible for a team led by Markland) with victories against Teddy Hall and Exeter helping to secure the Jesus College Team of the Year title for the boys to cap off a great year. The Teddy Hall game finished 44-29 to Jesus, but 16 points worth of bad things done by the opposition meant the result will go down as 60-29. Exeter were seen off in equally comfortable fashion, 44-17 (or something like that, says the Twitter) the result. A final encounter next week with New or Worcester (I think) will hopefully end the season with victory for the Jesus boys.

Lacrosse managed to get a big turn out this week as well for the final game of the season, with early rumours suggesting that even Khanijau might turn out, although it is as yet unconfirmed whether this did happen.

Jesus obviously won again in netball, and it’s getting to a point where it’s almost cliché. 24-10 may have been the final score this week against New College. I’m not much of a netball expert, but I think the Blues scouts should be sniffing around the Jesus players in weeks to come.

A big week in 8th week sees boys’ football and rugby wrap up their terms with potentially season-defining games, the headliner of which is definitely the seconds footballers foray into the later stages of Cuppers on Wednesday. Look out for the awards next week as well!