Sports Round-Up 7th Week HT15

Last week I noted Leo Gebbie’s last home game for JCHC with a mixture of nostalgia and regret. Then, on Tuesday of 7th, a call-up from Tom Roberts meant JCFC fans would get to see Leo at Barts one last time:

There was a mixed reaction. Would he be the same player as he was 4 days earlier? Were his legs still up to the job? He answered all his doubters within a couple of minutes of coming on in the second half, seizing the opportunity to place the ball confidently wide of the post from 6 yards. Like Thierry Henry’s return to Arsenal at Leeds, it was one of those sporting moments you just have to cherish. A strong performance against a team dubbed ‘absolutely useless’ by Sam Skillcorn including at least 5 debut call-ups from the seconds led to a 4-1 win.

Not satisfied with just one game, Tom arranged to play Pembroke just 2 days later. Early on it was clear the team were suffering from a European hangover as ‘that big guy’ scored from a break. Parking the bus as we waited for Will Long to find his way to the pitch we managed to hold it to 2-0 (with Robin marking his last game with a show stopping challenge to give away with a penalty). The game descended into chaos second half with Pembroke representing all that is bad about premier league football and us representing all that is good about the Sunday League. Filip’s well-coordinated kick out during a barrel role led to a yellow card for their player after we surrounded the referee in outrage. We began to fight back but too little too late – the game finished 3-1.

Nick notes again that the pool team either won or lost against someone this week.

JCHC’s game this week was one of the most anticipated fixtures of the season with last year’s match leading to a #pepeonmeth twitter trend. A mix-up between Cam and Magdalen’s captain ate into Anna East’s 60-second cameo. It wasn’t long before Manson got himself involved in some controversy with a Magdalen player’s apology for a mistimed challenge being firmly rejected: ‘I don’t care if it was an accident, I’m going to foul you’. Like an enraged Cantona, Manson began to take control of the game by himself – even if it was at the expense of passing. Racing to a hat trick and his 30th goal for JCHC with Toby Swift only managing a meager 2, it was clear that Hugo was after just one thing – the success of the team. A mistake from Mooney, who looked out of sorts all game, cost Downes his clean sheet. Questions are now being asked as to whether Will will ever be able to make the step up from Varsity to JCHC.

With just one week until Torpids, JCBC have upped the number of outings in search of bumps glory. Things look particularly promising for W2 who were able to miraculously cure the injury that left Adam Robinson unable to row for M2 in order to sub in for W2. A borrowed cox from Univ then went for an early-morning swim before being asked to pull over as he was kicked out and replaced with a megaphone-wielding coach. Meanwhile M1 responded to a call of ‘if I gave you a million pounds for every stroke you could row balanced, how hard would you try to balance the boat?’ by leaving the boat firmly unbalanced. That’s right kids: Money isn’t everything.