Sports Round-Up 8th Week HT15

JCFC finally said their goodbyes to the finalists this week with a stellar performance in the sunshine and hail against Worcester. The potency of the three-pronged attack of Gebbie, Khanijau and Wilson led many to wonder why it had taken JCFC management to find a system that got the best out of all three players. In the 23rd minute of additional time the 3 combined to tee up stand-in keeper Manson for a heroic volley which he politely scuffed wide – it wouldn’t have been fair for him to steal the limelight.

Jesus Football also played in their first international fixture this week against The Polish Society. The game was not without controversy as Omar Mohsen started for Poland despite controversy about his eligibility. Eventually this was cleared up as Filip confirmed that he had in fact taken part in a Vodka Party. Led by Marcin Bielinski, the Poles put in a strong performance in their first ever fixture and like New York City looked to be on their way to a victory. It was however decided that the winner of the game should be decided by a penalty shoot-out. Seconds’ stalwart McCallion stepped up in goal, producing a fine save early on. Predictably, however, it was heartbreak in the end as Andy ‘Southgate’ Wilson skied the 5th leaving ‘world-class’ Kempski to put Jesus out of their misery.

JCHC had a must-win fixture against Merton-Mansfield. A suspiciously quiet twitter feed perhaps says all you need to know. In a game Cam tells me we deserved to win, it appears Jesus lacked the killer instinct needed to flourish at this level. There are no prizes for trying.

Squash and Badminton have now dispersed for their spring break. Although temperatures are set to rise next term, Owain stands firmly behind his decision to add a mid-layer to the range of rackets stash.

JCBC got off to a flying start in Torpids with all 5 crews bumping up on day 1. M1 showed why we should have goal-line technology with a clear bump on Univ missed by the umpires and only given retrospectively after one pixel of our boat came suspiciously close to one of the pixels of theirs. You could also clearly hear the noise of a bump but, like the lunar landing, we’ll probably still be talking about it for years to come. M1 and M2 repeated the feat of the famous crews of ’97 by both winning blades. If not now, when? If not you, who?