Hello there! I’m Jenyth, the current Jesus JCR Access Rep for 2016/2017. On this ‘Applying?’ section of our website, you can find a range of resources and info about Jesus College and Oxford in general. We want to give you a more informal view of life as a student here, and much of this information is student-produced. For example, we have student Q&A videos, a Humans of Jesus College project, alternative prospectuses and written student views. You can also visit any of our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (jesusfreshers) ) to see what students here get up to throughout term. If you have any questions about applying to Jesus or Oxford in general, feel free to contact myself, or the current Academic Affairs rep (Ryan Biscocho).


For the most up-to-date information about applying, please visit the Jesus College website or the University of Oxford’s application section.

Jenyth Harper Evans
Access Rep

Ryan Biscocho
Academic Affairs Rep

Humans of Jesus College

Humans of Jesus is a growing catalogue of some of the amazing, vibrant and loving people that make up this awesome community. You’ll hear stories and perspectives, whether funny or pithy, sorrowful or cheerful – this is a mere snapshot of who we are. We hope you enjoy reading these accounts as much as we’ve enjoyed documenting them.

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  • Caitlin: "I had the support from my college tutors and the college welfare team –  including Sailesh, who is an absolute legend. He organises applications for exam special conditions. I was only tested a month before prelims - they're our exams at the end of first year. But he said, “Right, we’re going to get this sorted." I can’t imagine the same situation at other universities – from talking to my friends, that kind of support is hard to get. It’s an exposing situation to be in, because the workload has increased so much. But it’s not a problem I can control, I guess, but I have lots of ways of getting round it… including lots of coloured pens!"
Jess: "Today is my first day of revision with coloured pens!" (2/2) (want to see more of college life? follow @jesuscollegejcr!)
  • "I found out I was dyslexic about a year ago. I was fine all the way through school, no problems at all. I found English a little bit hard, French a bit tricky. A-levels weren’t a problem, then I got here and all of a sudden I had to read 10 papers and a couple of book chapters in two days, and I thought – I can’t read that fast. But the University is great about it. You get loads of support and there’s a tutor who comes and helps me with study skills techniques." (1/2)
Caitlin, 2nd year, Geography
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  • “I can’t really pick out one stand-out moment since it genuinely feels like every day there are several. You come into contact with people from college in so many different contexts- from great nights out, to playing sport for college which brings out so much team spirit. And equally you have really interesting conversations about whatever you’re studying. Some tutorials have been absolute highlights because they’re on a subject you’re fascinated by. You feel like you’re contributing and your tutor is engaging with your ideas and discussing them with you. It’s because it’s so multi-faceted that you can’t really say “That was the one moment I enjoyed!” because it’s so relentless. And I think if you choose to approach it with that kind of relentless attitude, that “I’m going to squeeze the most out of every day”, there’s such a plethora of opportunities that you’ll fill up your time, and you’ll enjoy it.” (3/3)
Asa, 1st year, History
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  • “My attitude across the first two terms was definitely ‘do everything!’. I wouldn’t have done less- having had a taste of various college sports clubs and university teams, that range of experiences, it didn’t feel like a negative thing to drop some of them and move forward with ones that I really enjoyed. There are some things, like rowing, that I didn’t think I was going to enjoy, went for it and really did like it, so I’m going to carry on. I think starting the year with an open-minded attitude was really important for me.” (2/3)
Asa, 1st year, History
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  • “I’ve found that other people’s experience of university is radically different from life in Jesus. History has a comparatively low work-load at Oxford, but the idea that you have to write two to three thousand words a week is absurd for people at a lot of other universities. The amount of time you can commit to not being productive the day after going out, for example, is much, much less. So you have to plan your life in a very different way.” (1/3)
Asa, 1st year, History
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  • "This term's been hard so far - it's always a challenge, it's never going to be easy... I remember on one particular day, I was having a real tough time in the library, trying to get things done, and it must have been clear that I was struggling. I got up and left to play a game of pool because I was getting frustrated with myself. About half an hour later, I came back to the library only to find a note on my desk saying nothing more than, "You can do it!". Set beside the note was one small Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - coincidentally one of my favourites - and nothing else. It was a really small gesture, but I can't explain just how much it helped me on such a rough day.
I've since discovered who left me the anonymous pick me up - a couple of third years who I've grown really close to in the last term - and have been able to do the same in return; it's the little things like that which make Jesus a really special place."
Peter, 1st year, Chemistry
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  • "I literally just got out of a tute!"
Edward, 1st year, German & Linguistics
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Open Days

A chance to experience Oxford yourself and visit departments and colleges and ask plenty of questions! There are university-wide open days where most colleges and departments will be available to visit. The dates are 29 June, 30 June and 16 September 2016. See the university or college website for more information.


UNIQ Summer School

Completely free, week-long summer schools held in Oxford for state school students and ran by real tutors. 35 subjects are offered across 5 weeks in the summer to give students in their first year of higher education a realistic experience of being at Oxford! Visit the website for more information.

Target Schools Shadowing Days

A scheme run by students that offers a unique insight into university life. This is in place to provide students with the opportunity to hear about Oxford from a current undergraduate. Visit the website for more information.

Oxford Pathways

Run by the colleges of Oxford University, this initiative offer free events in Oxford for those in years 10-13. Opportunities include taster days, application information days, and study days to experience chosen academic subjects. Visit the website for more information.

Can’t make it to one of the open days? Feel free to send Jenyth an email as one of our Student Ambassadors may be available to show you around college and answer any questions you have. Watch this space for a student-produced Jesus College Youtube channel seeking to provide a virtual perspective on life in college, from experiencing a tutorial, to student interviews, to ‘day in the life’ videos!

Alternative prospectuses

Created by JCR members, this is an alternative look at college and university life

The official university-wide alternative prospectus from the Oxford University Student Union