There are lots of stereotypes and preconceptions surrounding Oxford, so we asked some of our current students to write about their own expectations before they came to Jesus, and what the real thing has been like.

Ryan Biscocho

Before I came to Jesus I honestly did not know what to expect after coming to the open day. I was told it was known as a friendly college and that definitely rung true. For me the best part about Jesus is its community spirit, everyone is so friendly and you truly feel welcomed by everyone, students and staff alike. Also it’s situated right in the centre of town so everything is literally right outside your door, which is especially useful if you’re lazy like me. As for the academic side, it is much more challenging than A Levels but there’s so many other things to do in your free time (which you will actually have plenty of) to take your mind off of it and just chill when you want to! Oxford is not just the stigma that surrounds it, so don’t let that stop you from applying and potentially studying in such an amazing place!

Ryan Biscocho Biological Sciences, 2nd year
Caragh Bennet

Before coming to Jesus, I really don’t think I ever expected people to be as friendly and as welcoming as they turned out to be. The people here honestly make college such a home and such a fun place to work and live. I think I was also really worried that I wouldn’t manage the work, but my tutors have been so helpful and I have never felt too overwhelmed. 

Caragh Bennet Geography, 3rd year


Victoria Morris
Before coming to university I was really I didn’t really know what to expect, or what day to day life would be like. After a few weeks to settle in it was really easy finding a routine and getting involved in college life and sport. Everyone was really welcoming and I started rowing (I hadn’t in school), and all of the other Jesus clubs welcome new and inexperienced players. It’s been really easy to have a go at new things here.
Victoria Morris History & Politics, 3rd year
Will Nicolle

Before applying to Jesus I was pretty sceptical about Oxford in general, with its reputation for academic merit and workloads. Being here however is a much different story; yes there is more work relative to other universities but you get into the swing of things pretty quickly and its such a unique city to live in. Jesus in particular is a perfect place to have the ‘Oxford experience’, being such a friendly and close-knit college.

Will Nicolle Geography, 2nd year
Molly Kemp

I never really expected to get into Oxford and I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived. I remember being really nervous! That was short-lived though, because of the amazing friendliness of everyone in Jesus College, who in a few short weeks had transformed from strangers to family. The years above were always ready to answer any questions I had (and have continued to be throughout my degree) and there’s always so much going on in college that it’s almost impossible to be bored – even if you’ve had a long day in the library.

Molly Kemp Chemistry, 4th year
David Rischel

As an international student I was quite nervous before I came to study abroad in Oxford. I didn’t know what to expect but imagined Oxford would be an antiquated place filled with stuffy people, weird gowns and authoritative professors. There is certainly some truth to all those things, but as a college Jesus actually offers quite a lot of support for international students. My tutors and the college welfare team have all been very helpful in helping me to settle in, and all of the students are mostly quite accepting and really friendly people! Both Oxford, and Jesus College in particular, are great places to study as an international student, and there’s really nothing that should discourage you from applying.

David Rischel Geography, 3rd year