TT16 elections & charities ballot

A number of elections are being held today – please find the nominations for each position below.

**Please note that members can only run for one elected position on any one election day**

To vote, follow the instructions in the email from the Returning Officer (Harry Gibbs). The election will run from 09:00 to 21:00hrs today, Friday 10th June 2016. Results will be announced in the bar and via social media shortly after 9pm.

 JCR Men’s Welfare rep

  • Ben Woodyear
  • Will Long

JCR Equal Opportunities rep

  • Louis Prosser

JCR Entertainments rep

  • Henry Petch
  • Lynn Temp

Freshers’ Week Committee positions

  • Jess Keating (backup link)
  • Luke Green (backup link)
  • Sioned Press
  • Nick Cooke
  • James Warrington
  • Francis Clark-Murray
  • Rosie Morgan
  • Oli Whitaker
  • Mustafa Majeed
  • Imi Dobie
  • Jenyth Evans
  • Caitlin Hinson
  • Lauren Jones
  • Susie Fuller
  • Ryan Biscocho
  • Josh Thomas
  • Charlie Davies
  • Ben Young

Charities ballot

Match report: JCR committee vs. college staff

On Friday 29th April the inaugural JCR committee vs. college staff football match took place, as part of the JCR’s Staff Appreciation Day. Find the official match reports below:

Staff report

It all started as an innocent challenge – JCR v Lodge.  Little did we realise that it would go down in the annuls of the College as a great bit of run. This report will obviously have a bias towards Staff and therefore we look forward to the riposte from the JCR Committee!

I did not realise just how many of the staff would be interested in playing a game of football so thought it wise to start with a five-a-side team.  The response was magnificent with over 15 staff members pledging their allegiance and so it began.

The initial date for the match was Thursday 5th May but once the JCR Committee got wind of our proposed training sessions they promptly brought the fixture date forward – a canny move or so they thought!

The Friday of the match coincided with PayDay Drinks.  Thankfully the copious amounts of alcohol consumed aided the lubrication of many unused joints – advantage Staff.

The match itself was a close run affair due to the tactical nous of the Staff.  After the score reached 0-3 our five-a-side formation of 0-2-2-3 restored the equilibrium.  At one stage the score was 5-5, however the JCR reasserted its stranglehold on the game (their formation also became suspect) and finished 10-8 winners – or did they?

As our pitch session was finishing, and the next session’s players were edging onto the pitch, one bright spark shouted “next goal the winner”.  Time for the masterplan to come to fruition and the staff duly scored the last goal.  Cue ecstatic celebrations and a dash to the King’s Arms for post-match drinks concluding a most enjoyable few hours that put a smile on the face of staff and students alike – the banter continues.

The JCR Committee want to play again so until the next time I will sign off with a few thanks.  Thanks to the Staff Team (with added nick names for authenticity):

  • Simon (the Cat) Smith some great saves
  • Mark (Stuntman) Hancock – roving goalie and horizontal full back
  • Becky (Bites your legs) Martin
  • Savannah (Sav) Zvipindu
  • Tania (Lofty) Dandy-Minto
  • Chris (Sniffer) Cox – scored one goal
  • Matt (Tucks) Tucker – scored two goals
  • Gabor (Puskas) Szilagyi – scored one goal and pulled off one outrageous Cruyff turn – 3 JCR defenders had to climb back onto the pitch after that move!
  • Ola (The Magician) Akimtola – scored five goals
  • Jamie (Wey Aye) Simms

And thanks to the supporters: Karen (Kassa) Tarrant, Michele (Deeps) Turner, Owen (Stato) McKnight, Mark (Camps) Campion, Sarah (Seggie) Howle, Joan (Mac) McCoy and Pietro (Chiellini) Prodili who selected himself for the final ten minutes of the game much to the amusement of John (Gaffer) Woods.

And finally thanks to David, Omar and the rest of the JCR Committee for sharing a different side of the College. We look forward to the next time.

 John Woods (The Gaffer)

Committee report

Firstly it is important to note that there is no bias in this report, whatever Staff might claim.

After much rearranging of the fixture, due mainly to efforts on behalf of the Committee to scrape together a team, we finally nailed down the evening. It was meant to be the culmination of a wonderful Staff Appreciation Day, where the plethora of lovely people who work at Jesus had been plied repeatedly with cake. After this joyous treatment, you’d have thought they’d be friendly and fair engaging in a nice bit of footieball.

You’d. Be. Wrong.

Walking over to the pitches on Mansfield Road, we were expecting a handful of staff ready to enjoy some light-hearted exercise. When we arrived we were stunned by what we saw. More staff than Portsmouth FC have honest fans, all eager to try and steal the hallowed pride of our legendary Committee. I must be honest, we were a little intimidated. Especially as the staff appeared to have upwards of a dozen players, whilst we were limited to 6. 6 brave souls who thought we’d enter into the theatre of flames, in an attempt to try and retain some dignity for the undergrads of Jesus College. But we left with much more than that. Against all odds, we left with a glorious, undebatable victory, and slightly less teeth than when we’d started.

The game started well for the JCR, with them claiming an early lead thanks to a wonderful turn and shot from the startlingly handsome ACC Rep. And two more goals I don’t remember. 3-0 to Committee. However at this point, the tricks started from John ‘Mourinho’ Woods. As some of you dear readers may know, Ola has recently become Junior Dean in Catherine’s absence. However what some of you may not know is that this occurred soon before the staff needed a team for a certain football fixture. And Ola is reputably a former Uni level baller. To paraphrase our honourable leader President Cakebread, “Now we’re fudged”.

As soon as Ola came on things changed. The JCR was no longer on the front foot, but instead pegged back against a ruthless Staff attacking formation. With the trickery of one Gabor Szilagyi (including a wonderful nutmeg that left Omar Mohsen picking himself up off the turf), and the calm passing brilliance from John Woods that once earnt him a trial at Chelsea (genuine truth), the JCR were on the ropes.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The goals started to flood in against us. Only an absolute thunderbolt from the right boot of Llewelyn ‘where the heck were you during the 2nds Cuppers campaign’ Hopwood, and some more goals I don’t remember could keep the JCR in touch. The Committee were especially hampered by their star striker’s suffering at the hands of the aptly named Becky ‘bite your legs’ Martin. There are still bruises to prove it.

At this point the JCR looked down and out. But a glorious rallying cry from the lips of Rosie Morgan, and the sound of our two fans falling over laughing at Cakebread’s ‘skill’ spurred us back into it. All of a sudden we were in the lead. I forget the details and probably need to get back to work rather than making up some more goals. The crucial thing is WE HAD WON! In spite of only having 6 players. In spite of some liberal interpretation of the phrase ‘5-a-side’. In spite of that God awful Manchester City shirt Charlie Davies insisted on wearing. We had done it.

At this point both the Committee and the Staff retired to the pub to lick their wounds and begin preparations for the next epic duel. Hopefully we can have more JCR fans that time, as whilst ours did their best, they were rather outgunned by the seeming thousands of staff who had turned up for the event.

A final note, David Cakebread informs me he scored 4 goals in this game, including one ‘worldie’ which apparently Saloni failed to see. Let’s just say that’s not how I remember it.

Thanks to all the Staff, JCR Committee and most importantly wonderful fans who turned out to see us play, we too look forward to next time.

Love, an unbiased member of Committee.

JCR Sports Day

WE ARE HAVING SPORTZ DAY! This will be on Saturday about 1:00pm on second quad. There will be croquet, there will be egg and spoon, there will be three legged races, there will be prizes, there will be welfare tea. It will be HUGE. Come down and try to cure your hangover after the ball, because let’s be honest, you won’t be doing any productive work! The sheep will even make an appearance. 

New JCR website

Welcome to the newly-launched JCR website. It is still in the process of being upgraded, so don’t be surprised if there are broken links or design inconsistencies. Do pass on your feedback –


Social sec election & charities nominations

As you probably know, there is an election tomorrow for the JCR’s new social secretary! We’ve had a grand total of 1 application – check out Bella’s manifesto.

As usual, there will also be a charities ballot. The nominated charities are as follows:

Against Malaria Foundation

Give Directly

Newman Holiday Trust

World Wide Tribe

Oxfam Syria

Helen & Douglas House

Motor Neurone Disease Association

You’ll receive an email later this evening (10th March) with your unique voter code and a link to the online voting portal. Voting runs from 9am-9pm tomorrow (11th March), with results announced in the bar.

JCR Committee Election Results

Congratulations to your new JCR Committee!!

Treasurer – Omar Mohsen
Women’s Welfare Officer – Saloni Patel
Men’s Welfare Officer – Llewelyn Hopwood
Secretary – Hugo Markland
Access Representative – Jess Keating
Academic Affairs Representative – Hannah Burrows
Charities Representative – Rosie Morgan
Arts Representative – John Goodacre
Sports Representative – Elysia Hannaford
OUSU Representative – Charlie Davies
Equal Opportunities Representative – Alice Harrett
Environment and Ethics Representative – Luke Green
Social Secretary – Emilia Demetriades
Entertainments Representative – Hamish Paget-Brown
Domestic Representative – Matt Roche
IT Officer – Harry Gibbs

Charities Ballot:
Turl Street Homeless Action
Cancer Research UK
Medicins sons Frontieres

A detailed breakdown of the results can be found here

JCR Committee Elections

Here are the manifestos of those running for next year’s JCR Committee:
Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

Vice President/Treasurer:
Omar Mohsen

Hugo Markland
James Chapman

Women’s Welfare Officer:
Sophia Lovett
Mary Ormerod
Saloni Patel

Men’s Welfare Officer:
Tim Lee
Llewelyn Hopwood

Matt Roche

Kathy Page
Elysia Hannaford
Beth Murray
Faisal Ebrahim

Harry Gibbs
Rob Fordham

Rosie Morgan
Lily Russell-Jones

John Goodacre

Jess Keating

Emilia Demetriades

Charlie Davies

Academic Affairs:
Hannah Burrows

Luke Green
Sophie-Ann Rebbettes

Equal Opps:
Alice Harrett

Entz Rep:
Hamish Paget-Brown
Henry Petch

Charities Ballot:
Turl Street Homeless Action – Jon Clingman
Action for Trans Health – Jessy Parker Humphreys
Medicins sons Frontieres – Faisal Ebrahim
Motor Neurone Disease Association – Hannah Burrows
Amnesty International – Alex Walker
The Newman Holiday Trust – Isabella Cullen
Pancreatic cancer UK – Catrin Prior

JCR Committee Election Results MT14

The results are in and the JCR committee for next year are…

Vice-President/Treasurer: Tom Roberts

Women’s Welfare Officer: Kathy Page

Men’s Welfare Officer: Dan Bright

Access Rep Sam Skillcorn

Charities Representative: Jonathan Clingman

Environment and Ethics Representative: Eduin Boater-Latimer

Academic Affairs Representative: Hugo Markland

Secretary: Anna Turner-Major

Sports Representative: Chris Mansfield

Arts Representative: Amelia Brown

Bar and Food Representative: Tim Bell

Equal Opportunities Representative: Ima Bishop

IT Officer: Tom De Sousa

Social Secretary: Charley Samuelson

Entertainments Representative: Geo Merchant

OUSU Representative: David Cakebread

The winners of the charities ballot are Student Minds, Cancer Research and The Alzheimer’s Society.

A graphical summary of the results can be viewed here, or a numerical summary can be viewed here.

Congratulations to all those elected!

Choir tour to Bratislava and Vienna

Choir in Bratislava

The summer vacation had barely begun when twenty-three members of the Jesus College Chapel Choir embarked on a choral tour of Bratislava, Slovakia, and Vienna, Austria. With high hopes, great expectations, and an almost total ignorance of Slovak, our number trekked the distance using an assortment of planes, buses, boats and trains to convene at the predestined hostel in the centre of Bratislava. Notwithstanding the evening swelter we crammed into one of the rooms to attempt the first rehearsal of the tour.

Musical preparations for the visit were already in motion. We had practised a selection of new pieces in the final weeks of Trinity term to complement our familiar repertoire. This consisted largely of Byrd and Tallis, but covered a range of other traditional English choral classics which we had honed over many weeks of Sunday Evensong services. Armed also with shiny new leather folders (green, of course) emblazoned with our college crest, we arrived ready to dazzle both vocally and visually.

The first full day soon dawned. Once again subjected to the magnifying glass of the Slovakian sun, we wandered into the stunning city centre for a quick slurp of something cold before our engagement to sing the Sunday midday Mass at St. Martin’s Cathedral. It is a beautiful Cathedral, its ancient spire dominating the capital’s skyline, overpowered only by the imposing Castle standing alone on its rocky plateau. We were welcomed by an ornate yet proportionate interior, and ascended the spiral staircase to the choir loft in order to clear our throats before our debut performance abroad as an ensemble. It was a great success; we were convinced that all those hours spent learning our various parts had paid off. Thanks are due to the local organists, however, who cued us in amidst the torrent of incomprehensible Slovak.

Half of the day’s appointments completed, and thanking God for the existence of sunscreen, many decided to take advantage of the splendid mixture of a free afternoon, plentiful ice cream and reasonably-priced beverages – predominantly, but not exclusively, beer. Some perhaps enjoyed this combination a little too much, coaxing impromptu recitals on the Castle museum piano.

The next singing occasion swiftly followed, this time at the city’s Franciscan Church. Little did we know this would prove one of the most memorable parts of the tour. Inevitably bedraggled and fatigued from the afternoon’s explorations, we remained stoic in the manner characteristic of Oxford College Choirs (not Exeter) as we stood to sing the Mass in the rustic environs of the oldest surviving religious building in Bratislava. Our efforts were gladly received and we were charmed that almost the entire congregation remained for the concert which immediately followed the service. It was a pleasure to sing to so responsive an audience. This joy, however, paled in significance when compared with the bounteous food, refreshments, wines, juices and cakes to which we were treated by the Franciscan brothers. The supply was vast. Such was the thoughtfulness of our hosts that the individual items had been arranged into smiley faces – some bespectacled, to represent Oxford students. Though sad to leave, we parted feeling truly touched by the kindness we had received as we walked briskly in the cool of the evening to make our dinner reservation. Three delicious courses and a picture-perfect view over the moonlit rooftops of Bratislava brought the full day to a close, leaving just enough time for a final visit to the local bar.

Boat trip on the Danube

Morning came, and on the third day we rose to bid Bratislava farewell and in its place to salute arguably the musical capital of the world, Vienna. The decision had been taken to reach our exciting final destination by boat; the two cities are separated by a mere seventy-nine kilometre stretch of the Danube. This turned out to be tremendous fun. Those of us who explored the outdoor decks were suitably buffeted as the catamaran sped through the salubrious bliss of the Donau-Auen National Park. Also taken as a prime opportunity for team snaps and photo poses, we very much felt a unity of singers, clad in intimidatingly green choir polo shirts complete with occasionally comedic Latin inscriptions.

We arrived at our destination, and with an afternoon to spare, treated ourselves to some of its fine Viennese delights. The city is rich and fascinating in terms its Habsburg patrimony in addition to its musical and artistic tradition. There was plenty to see, whether the magnificent Hofburg, Schönbrunn and Belvedere Palaces, the latter modelled on the Palace of Versailles, or the vast array of art museums, not to mention Vienna’s impressive musical legacy (home at different times to Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, the Strausses, Mahler, among many others). We reconvened at Stephansplatz, the central square presided over by the city’s immaculately-roofed Cathedral, to find some dinner – for most, a schnitzel of some description. The sun set and we returned to the hostel to recover some sleep, although some of us went via a marvellous little wine bar we found en route.

Day four brought with it our first singing engagement in Vienna, and rather dauntingly, this was one of the lunchtime concerts in the Stephansdom itself. After queuing patiently outside we were ushered in through the south entrance and made ourselves comfortable in the designated seating, taking a few moments to gaze upwards at the colossal and exquisite gothic interior. We soon began our recital, the various clusters of churchgoers, visitors and tourists drifting to our side of the Cathedral to listen. It was an uplifting experience and a genuine privilege to perform at such a venue. That evening we sang once more; we were due to perform a concert at the Peterskirche, only a stone’s throw from the Cathedral. We powered through our long list of pieces, braving the bright lights but savouring the highly decorated ovular nave. Another successful concert later, and having sung fifteen musical items, we dealt with the appetite with another foray into Austrian cuisine.

And then all of a sudden it was our last full day. Since our only appointment was a final concert at the Lutheranstadtkirche, we had another excuse to tour the city. Activities of choice ranged from the Spanische Hofreitschule (Spanish Riding School), the famous centre for classical dressage, to sampling the Viennese coffee-and-cake culture in the traditional fashion. We even found a café once frequented by Trotsky. Given that we were visitors in a musical capacity, loaded with English choral treasures, many of us decided to perfect this cultural exchange by scouting the Mozarthaus, Figarohaus, Haus der Musik, and numerous other attractions and museums dedicated to Vienna’s fabulous musical heritage. All this had to draw to a close as our last concert approached. This process proved troublesome for three of our party, the present writer included, who by getting lost on the city’s tram network achieved the undistinguished feat of taking nearly half an hour to move one metro stop in the wrong direction. We confidently sang our hearts out, irrelevant the modest audience, the repertoire which had initially seemed so formidable now both familiar and empowering.

We thanked our Lutheran hosts, and following a short reception, strolled into the city centre. Unsurprisingly we were tired, hungry and thirsty, and were looking forward to eating at the Italian restaurant at which we were due to dine as a group. Fortunately, one of our number, The Rev. Canon Adrian Daffern, adroitly and perceptibly identified this mass dehydration as we navigated the many squares of the city centre. Gallantly he led our party forth to the one non-alcoholic drinking establishment in sight, determined single-handedly to see to our water, juice and tea-based recovery. For this we were all immensely grateful, none more so than his wife, our dear Chaplain, upon whom he sprung his generous intention to settle the bill before us all. We marched on to enjoy a luscious last supper together. Blemished only by the approaching end of our choral journey, and one or two unwise text message exchanges, we laughed and guffawed in the merry company of our choir friends. As the dark of night and empty wine bottles eventually reminded us of departure the following morning, we gingerly returned to our hostel, our heads and hearts stuffed with happy memories sufficient to last us until the start of Michaelmas term.

The Jesus College Choir Tour 2014 was a resounding success, and with both excitement and anticipation we look forward to the next. Many thanks are due to The Rev. Dr Megan Daffern, our lovely Chaplain and her affable husband, the Rev. Canon Adrian Daffern. Particular gratitude is owed to our Senior and Junior Organ Scholars, James Bowstead and Lottie Orr, without whose hard work such a fantastic visit would surely have remained an impossibility.

Daniel Judd

You can find out more about the Jesus choir and past tours the choir have been on here.

Jesus goes sailing

Last week Ben Rahumtulla, Jon Hubbert, Owain Turner, Jonathan Clingman and Mia Talfourd-Cook represented Jesus in Sailing Cuppers. They won two of their races but sadly didn’t make it through to the next round. You can read Mia’s report of what happened here.

Sailing Cuppers 2014

JCR news 17/11/2013

Hey Jesus,

Hope you all successfully survived 5th week – the countdown to the holidays has now begun.

Elections for JCR President are THIS WEEK! You have until Tuesday at noon to sign up in the JCR (nomination sheets are on the notice board). Husts will then be on Wednesday at 1pm, and the election will take place on Thursday using our online voting system. Again – if you’re interested in the job, drop me an email and I’ll let you know more.

Our penultimate JCR meeting of term will be tomorrow at 7pm. There will be free food and short husts from some of the candidates for this week’s OUSU election.

OUSU elections are this week – and you can vote online between Tuesday and Thursday with the unique voter code you will have received via email. Leo will be in touch soon with more information.

Welfare Tea as always is today at 4pm, and the pub quiz will be on at 9pm.

Finally, don’t forget to get yourself a ticket for Aida’s super exciting Charity Race Night event. Should be a great night and all the proceeds go to our three elected JCR charities!

Wishing you a happy 6th week,