Election Notice: Freshers’ Week President

Sticking with the democracy theme, nominations are now open for the election of Freshers’ Week President – sign up on the sheet in the JCR! This will be taken down at 12pm on Wednesday of 6th week (1st June). Husts shall take place the following evening, with the election taking place electronically between 9am and 9pm on Friday 3rd June.

Keep an eye out for information regarding the election of the Freshers’ Committee and new openings on the JCR Committee.


Please register to vote in the upcoming EU Referendum – all the details you need are here. Please take a screenshot of your confirmation email and upload the image to the #pledge2reg OUSU Facebook group.

Thank you!


Principal’s 60th surprise

On Sunday 24th April, members of the JCR, MCR and college staff gathered for a surprise celebration of Sir Nigel Shadbolt’s 60th Birthday. The JCR presented him with a personalised JCFC shirt, followed by a champagne reception and formal hall with a surprise rendition of ‘Happy Birthday To You’ from the choir.


JCR news 19/1/2014

Hello Jesus,

Welcome to Hilary term! Hope that everyone had a great vacation, collections went well and people are ready for the term ahead!

The first JCR meeting of term is this Monday at 5:15pm. Lots of motions, a chance to see the new committee in action, and there’s going to be pizza – don’t miss it!

Short notice I know but welfare tea is at 3:30pm today!

The social termcard is now live on the JCR website – click here to see the full thing.

First pub quiz of the term is tonight in the bar, and Daf’s also introducing Port Mondays as of tomorrow – see his email for more info

Hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy the term!


Carol Service

On Sunday, Jesubites filled the darkened chapel clutching candles for the annual carol service. Every space was taken – with many people sitting on cushions – in order to share some Christmas cheer at the beginning of 8th week.

There were many congregational carols, all sung enthusiastically and accompanied by an impressive brass section, including ‘Once in Royal David’s City’, ‘Hark the Herald’ and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’. The choir sang some beautiful music throughout, from Rachmaninov’s ‘Bogoroditsye Dyevo’ (yes – in Russian!) to ‘For Unto Us a Child is Born’ from Handel’s Messiah to the pretty ‘Cherry Tree Carol’ which has some rather peculiar words. The music was interspersed with readings telling the Christmas Story, read by a fresher, a finalist, a graduate, a fellow and the Principal.

Thank you to everybody who helped make it such a beautiful service.

JCR Committee Election Results

The results are in and the JCR committee for next year are…

Vice-President-Treasurer: Alex Proudfoot

Women’s Welfare Officer: Flossie Hunt

Men’s Welfare Officer: Sam Skillcorn

Access Representative: Rebecca Cavanagh

Charities Representative: Jess Rodger

Environment and Ethics Representative: Beth Jones

Academic Affairs Representative: Anil Keshwani

Secretary: Matthew Knight

Sports Representative: Lucy Harris

Arts Representative: Lydia Cooper

Bar and Food Representative: Dafydd Roberts-Harry

OUSU Representative: Tim Bell

Equal Opportunities Officer: Douglas Cameron-Hobbs

IT Officer: Laura Neilson

Social Secretary: Sam Flahive

Entertainments Representative: Emilia Belli

The winners of the charities ballot are Helen and Douglas House, Student Minds and ASCO.

The numerical results from each contest can be found by clicking on the committee role.

Congratulations to all those elected!

JCR news 9/6/2013

Hey Jesus,

The last JCR meeting of term will be tomorrow at 7pm. Just two motions, but lots of pizza. See you all there.

The JCR hot tub has been ordered and is arriving at Barts tomorrow afternoon. It will be installed, brought up to the right temperature settings, and ready to go by Wednesday morning. Don’t worry – the JCR committee will be testing it first to make sure it’s working just right.

If you’re going to be in Oxford on Saturday of 8th, make sure you sign up for the Leavers BBQ – it’s a huge celebration for the leavers, but everyone is invited and should be a great event. Sign up using the hall sign up system now.

Massive thanks to Aida and everyone else who helped out at the charities garden party yesterday. I’ve never been able to pass off day time drinking as a good deed before.

Congratulations to everyone who was elected last week to the JCR and Freshers Committees. We’re looking forward to big things.

Finally, a quick reminder that Freshers will need to have checked out of their rooms by Saturday at 10am unless other arrangements have already been made.

Can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the term,


Trinity Election Results

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for – the results of the latest JCR elections.

Emilia Carslaw was elected Arts Rep, Laura Neilson was elected IT Rep, Sam Flahive was elected Entz Rep, and Jess Rodger was elected as Social Sec for next term. No luck for RON this time around.

The 10 elected members of Freshers Committee (listed in no particular order) are:

Alex Proudfoot
Matthew Knight
Flossie Hunt
Ellie Moore
Posey Pugh
Sam Skillcorn
Leo Gebbie
Douglas Cameron-Hobbs
Rob Fordham
Fraser Jay Myers (yes – he really will be coming back for his 5th Freshers Week)

The three charities that were elected were:

Oxford Homeless Pathways
Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research

Congratulations to everyone who was elected!


JCR news 2/6/2013

Hey Jesus,

The last JCR meeting of term (sob), will be on Monday of next week. You therefore have only 7 days to get in any motions before the end of the year. And yes – as the last meeting of term, pizza will be provided. I’m hoping for a few good joke motions too.

This coming Saturday will be the annual Charity Garden Party at Stevens. There will be Pimms. There will be live music. It’s going to be great, and it’s all for a good cause. You can sign up now through the hall sign-up system.

Nominations are up (and will stay up until Tuesday lunchtime) for Freshers Committee and the IT Rep, Arts Rep, Social Sec, and Entz Rep positions on the JCR Committee. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to get involved.

And finally, there’s exciting news to come on the electricity subsidy front. I’ll release details as soon as I can, so stay posted.

Just two more weeks to go…