Thomas, Ben and Imogen: We are the college Chapel Clerks who give Megan a hand in setting up for Sunday evensong and Thursday Communion. We organise people to do readings and intercessions, and we also help to set up other events such as Agape, a termly get-together where we meet in one of the college flats for a meal and communion. Ben sends out the weekly chapel email letting you know what’s going on each week – you can sign up at the college Freshers’ Fair or by emailing him. If you’d like to get involved in any way then feel free to stop and chat to one of us, or send us an email –, or 

Anna: (Prayer Rep) We, as a Chapel and CU community in College, meet together at 5:30pm every Friday afternoon in the Chapel, to which anybody is welcome. And the Chapel is open for prayer every morning from 8am if you would like to extend your personal devotion together with others. See Luke 18v1-8

Ollie and Josh: Keepers of Sherry have the crucially important task of ensuring that those who attend Evensong at Jesus College are suitably refreshed with a glass of quality fino, cream or amontillado sherry. Such a responsibility naturally entails the careful preparation of other beverages including fruit squashes and varieties of water. In this capacity, the Keepers of the Sherry are required to liaise with the Chaplain and Chapel Clerks.

Ollie: CU Rep. Read more about the Christian Union here.

Lottie: The Senior Organ Scholar, in charge of leading the choir to sing together and in tune, as well as playing some magnificent anthems on the organ.

Alix: Our lovely, Junior Organ Scholar, who both accompanies and conducts.

George, Saskia, Bronnie and Susie: The Choir’s Social and Hospitality Secretaries, in charge of organising all kinds of choir social activities, which may drinking wine and eating lots of cheese.

Clare: Roman Catholic Chaplaincy

Faisal and Alan: Interfaith reps

Un-Apologetics has replaced Theologians Anonymous, and is organised by Sue Lepp (ordinand on placement).