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Freshers’ Week

Freshers Week

Hi Freshers! We hope that you are all looking forward to coming to Jesus soon. Over the summer, the Freshers’ Committee have been planning a great Freshers week. Below you can find a quick look at some of the JCR events taking place, but you’ll be able to find a much more detailed timetable in the Freshers’ Guide.

The Day

During the day there are various important events organised by college which are compulsory. These include various admissions ceremonies, information and admin sessions and two FREE DINNERS, which are both really fun.

There are also loads of JCR events going on. These are all optional but are great for meeting people and helping you settle in. These include:

  • Drinks with subject groups (including older years)
  • A tour around Oxford by knowledgeable second-years
  • Speed meeting
  • Games
  • Rowing taster sessions
  • Lots of opportunities for coffee and cake

The Night

Most nights we’ve got two events running so you’ve got some choice about what you’d like to do. On Friday and Saturday there is one thing all night, but they are both Jesus college classics. Feel free to go to as much or as little as you like, but don’t be afraid to explore outside your comfort zone this week, as you’ll be likely to really enjoy it! Try and make sure you’re not tired when you arrive, as it is going to be one of the craziest weeks you’ve ever had.

DayTimeEvent 1Event 2
Monday8pm - 10pmGeneral mingling, fun and games in the bar
10pmTrip to G&Ds ice cream parlourClub night at Wahoo
Tuesday8pm - 10pmCocktails and cupcakes night
10pmJesus College Big Night InPaint Party at Junction
Wednesday9:30pm - 10pmOpen mic night in the bar with Out of the Blue and In the Pink performing!
10pmKaraoke in the college barUV Bubble Party at Lava&Ignite
Thursday7:30pmJCR pub crawl
Friday8:30pm - 1amSilent disco celebrity bop
SaturdayTBCParenting Dinner (ask your college parents for details)
Sunday9.00pmPub Quiz in the bar