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Freshers Week

If you’re visiting this page because you’ve made your offer to study at Jesus in October – welcome! And congratulations, you are heading to the best college in Oxford. Feel free to have a look around this website to find out more about what life is like here at Jesus and what’s going on. Also feel free to get in contact with any of the people mentioned if you have any questions, or alternatively you can ask anything on the “Jesus Freshers 2014″ Facebook group. See you in October!

Freshers’ Week

We have SO much planned for this week, and we highly recommend getting stuck in. We’ve organised events to help you get to know the rest of your year, as well as the other members of college. Whether it’s a barbecue at the boat house, partying at Park End or smiling awkwardly during speed dating there will be something for you. Each night we’ll have a range of activities to suit everyone, which we will make sure to keep you up to date about. The week all builds up to two large college-wide events- the Bop (a messy night of ridiculous fancy dress and lethal ‘boptails’), and parenting dinner (where your new college parents will host a dinner party, followed by a party in the third year accommodation). Trust us, you’ll have been properly initiated into Jesus life by the time the week is over.

Charley and Emilia (Freshers’ Presidents)