Wireless & Internet

  • Connecting to JESU-WLAN
  • Connecting to Eduroam
  • Need better wifi signal here!
  • What is a VPN and how do I use it?



Lots of general guides for configuring nexus email can be found here at the university’s IT help website.

  • Setting up your university email account
  • Forwarding emails to another account
  • Setting up Gmail to send and receive college emails
  • What is phishing and why do I need to know about it?


Printing and Scanning

  • Scanning documents to your email
  • Printing from your computer 


Free Software


Common Issues

  • Issues logging-in
  • My computer is running slowly
  • I need a new laptop, any advice?
  • What happens to my email address when I leave?
  • I’m confused about my ‘accounts’ and what each of them does
  • Do I have to change any passwords regularly?