Rosie Morgan

Heya, I’m Rosie, a third year PPEist, and your JCR president this year. My main role is communicating the views of the whole undergraduate body at Jesus to both college and the wider university, especially through committees, and chairing JCR meetings. I’m always around college, so please come and find me, or drop me an email, if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns!

Charlie Davies
Treasurer/Vice President

As Vice-President and Treasurer, my role in the JCR is to look after its finances. This entails presenting a budget at the start of Hilary term and running the JCR accounts. It’s my job to make sure money is available for all the great work the JCR does, budgeting for termly social events, welfare and motions. Come to me with questions about financial motions you’re looking to put in, or if you have any other queries about the JCR’s finances. You can get in touch by sending an email or by having a chat with me around college.

Nia Thomas

Hi, I’m Nia, a fourth year chemist and your JCR secretary. My main responsibilities include preparing the agenda for the JCR meetings, recording the minutes of all meetings and looking after the constitution. Get in touch with me if you would like to propose a motion, have any questions about meetings or would like to know more about the constitution. Feel free to contact me with any general JCR related queries and I will try to help you or direct you to someone who can! You can contact by email or find me around college.

Lily Russell-Jones
Women's Welfare Officer

Hi, I’m Lily and I’m a third year studying English. As Women’s welfare rep I’m a point of contact between the senior welfare team and the student body. I’ll be responsible for organising events such as welfare tea, yoga and welfare weekend. I have been trained as a peer supporter by the university counselling service. As a trained listener I can offer a confidential listening space to fellow students. You can also get in touch with me if you need any welfare supplies!

Laurence Bialy
Men's Welfare Officer

Hi, I’m Laurence, a third year studying Classics. As Men’s Welfare Rep I work in tandem with the Female Rep and Senior Welfare team as a friendly face around College, as well as organising various Welfare events each term. The Welfare Reps are trained by the University’s peer support scheme so we’ll be qualified to help you with any personal issues you may have. Regular welfare events such as yoga and Welfare tea are a good way to unwind after the stresses of your weekly work. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or even just want to have a friendly chat!

Jenyth Harper-Evans
Access Rep

Hi there – I’m Jenyth (but feel free to call me Jen if you prefer) and I’m a third year Classicist. My goal is to help college reach out to potential applicants from backgrounds where progression to university is difficult or very rare, and to dispel any myths about the Oxford application process. You’ll hear from me if college or the wider university introduce any new outreach schemes throughout the year! I’m also eager to continue with the JCR YouTube channel, outreach more on social media with college, and to update the JCR Alternative Prospectus. However, I’m always open to new ideas, so please get in touch if you have any thoughts or feedback regarding access to Oxford and Jesus!

Ryan Biscocho
Academic Affairs Rep

Hi I’m Ryan, a 3rd year Biologist and the current Academic Affairs Rep. My main role is liaising with academic committee with Rosie to express the views of the student body as well as trying to resolve any problems in order to improve academic life at Jesus on both an individual and JCR basis. I am your go-to if you have any problems regarding anything from tutors, library, workload, etc, so please feel free to email, message, chat to me if you have any concerns as well as if you have any good ideas! It’s my job to get a representative view of the undergraduate academic experience so any thoughts you have will be useful!

Amen Seo
Charities Rep

Hello, I’m Amen, a third year studying psychology and philosophy. I’m your charities rep, and am responsible for raising money for the three charities that we elect every term, through battels and organising events. If you have questions about how to get involved in charities in college or Oxford in general or any other charity-related questions, send me an email. Also let me know if you have any fund-raising ideas or suggestions!

Gwenno Jones
Arts Rep

Hi! I’m Gwenno, a fourth year Chemistry student, and as the JCR’s arts rep I am here to provide a link to arts events in the university – music, drama, art, spoken word, exhibitions, talks, and more. Every week I send out a bulletin listing the arts events going on in college and around Oxford, and run an arts ballot so you can have a chance of winning free tickets to plays and other events. Feel free to ask me anything!

Michael Swain
Sports Rep

Hello! I’m Michael, a third year Maths student here at Jesus, and I will be your JCR Sports Rep for the coming year. My main roles as Sports Rep include ensuring the smooth running of college sports clubs, organising college wide sporting events and keeping everyone up to date with the progress of college teams and individuals throughout the year. I am often around college, so whether you have something to ask or ideas to share, I am here to help with all of your sporting needs.

Dan O'Driscoll

Hi, I’m Dan, 2nd year doing History and Modern Languages. As part of my role as OUSU rep it’s my job to reflect your views at uni-wide OUSU meetings and relay what happens at these meetings back to the JCR. Please feel free to get in touch for whatever reason, particularly with regards to issues related to university-wide campaigns or events as well as your personal views about the university and its student union and how to improve them.

Amy Irvine
Equal Opportunities Rep

Hi, I’m Amy, a fourth year medic and your equal opportunities representative for 2016. In this role, I work with the equal opps sub-committee (featuring BME, Disabilities, Inter-faith, International, JMS, LQBTQ+, and Women’s reps) to work towards maintaining and further developing Jesus as an inclusive, representative, and welcoming place. Look out for updates on various OUSU liberation campaigns and for news about Jesus’ equal opps week. If you have any ideas/things you’d like to see changed, send me a message or email.

Imi Dobie
Environment & Ethics Rep

Hi, I’m Imi and I’m a third year studying history here at Jesus. My role in the JCR is to make the college as environmentally friendly as possible and to make the student community more aware of environmental and ethical issues and university wide initiatives that tackle them. Whether it’s recycling, helping in the ‘student-switch off’ campaign or advising on college vegetarian and vegan food I’m your go-to person for all things green. I’m always around college so feel free to ask me about anything or let me know if you have any ideas or initiatives – I would love to hear them.

Sam Norman

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m a third year studying Philosophy and Theology. I’m the ACC representative on the committee. This means I take care of all issues relate to food and service in hall, the bar, accommodation and general staff relations. If you have any suggestions, complaints or want drinks deals in the bar or want to put an event on there, just get in touch.

Athishan Vettivetpillai
IT Officer

Heya! I’m Atti, a 2nd year mathematician and I’ll be your IT Rep this year! I am responsible for the upkeep of this website, along with running the termly elections and also liaise with college to solve any IT issues. I’m always looking for new things to bring to the college, so I’d love to hear your ideas. In a similar vein, let me know if you’d like to add anything or update any part of this website. I’d love to get to know the entire JCR community and will endeavour to sort all your tech issues, so please get in touch by any means – whether it’s a quick ‘Sky isn’t working pls send help’ or just a general chat – I’ll be there! 

Lynn Temp
Social Secretary

Hi, I’m Lynn, a third year law student and your Social Secretary for the year. My main responsibilities include organising events such as Bops, Dinner Dance, Cocktail Dance and many other social events. If you have any ideas for other events or suggestions on how to improve any of those already existing, let me know!

Alice Guest
Entz Rep

To be filled!