Student Peer Supporters are available at participating colleges and departments to talk with you informally about anything that is concerning you. They have formally applied for this role and have been selected by the Peer Support Panel in consultation with a professional Peer Support trainer and the college’s Senior Common Room (SCR). They have received training to enable them to listen effectively, communicate sensitively, maintain confidentiality, respect boundaries and recognise when and how to encourage referral to professional support services. They receive ongoing fortnightly support and supervision through the University Counselling Service, and abide by a Code of Practice.

How Peer Support can help

Peer Support offers an easily accessible and relatively informal opportunity to talk through issues which may be concerning you. Often it can help simply to get things off your chest or to know that someone is genuinely willing to listen and take time to understand what’s on your mind. Sometimes just talking things through is enough; sometimes it may lead you to seek more professional help.

Who are the Peer supporters?

Chris Cockerill
3rd year

Saloni Patel
3rd year

Imi Dobie
2nd year

Martyna Zelek
3rd year

Will Long
3rd year

Tim Lee
3rd year

Peer support exchange programme

Peer Support Exchange Programme

The Turl Street Colleges; Exeter, Lincoln and Jesus, have agreed to take part in a peer support exchange. This means students at these colleges can speak to peer supporters at other colleges as well as their own to chat to a fresh face about any issues they may be having.

Click here for details of the Lincoln Peer Support team