Football, also known as the beautiful game to those lucky enough to have watched JCFC play, flows through the blood of our elite unit. The Jesus 1st XI go into the new season having become the first side in history to win every league game, led by ex-skipper Sasha Thompson. With Sasha on a loan deal to the continent, and the retirement of some key players, it is up to the next generation of heroes to step forward. Pundits are backing the team for a second successive promotion, with the prospect of Premier Division football too juicy to turn down. JCFC is also ready to finally banish the cup demons, and announce our place alongside the ’04 Invincibles and the 1970 Brazil squad as one of the greatest football teams of all time.

Ever fancied trying what is widely known as the best sport? Regardless of ability, 2nd’s football is the one for you. Sporting a team of mixed talents consisting on whoever is willing, matches are always a laugh and on occasion loosely competitive. The best thing about 2nd’s is everyone gets to play, even if you’ve never kicked a ball before, or just don’t fancy running. JCFC 2nd’s were relegated last season, which means that we’re going to be on the push for promotion, which means very little. But, whatever the end result, the real winner is football. Look forward to seeing you all next season. Hope you’re as keen as I am.


Everyone is welcome to play football at Jesus College and it is highly rewarding at every level. Whether you play just for fun or whether you’re a competitive character who would swap Oxford for La Masia in a heartbeat, you will be in your element with JCFC. Training is once a week on Sunday afternoons, and the first and second teams have weekly fixtures against other colleges. So if you are even slightly interested in football, then get involved, and see you on the pitch!


Mens 1st XI

For more information, contact Hal Wilkinson or Joe Cammidge, the first and second team captains, at and – or message us on Facebook.

We also have a women’s team so click the link below for more information about that!

Hal Wilkinson
Mens 1st XI Captain

Joe Cammidge
Mens 2nd XI Captain