Rowing at Jesus could be the best decision of your uni life: it’s a way to keep fit, make friends and potentially even win blades (the ultimate goal of college rowing, and something that most of our crews have managed achieved in the last few years). I started rowing in my second year, it’s now one of my favourite things about college life, and I’m women’s captain this year.
The club is really friendly, with almost everyone having started rowing at Jesus and there is the potential to make one of the first boats in your second term here. Most people will try out rowing at our BBQ in freshers week and start from there, but there is nothing stopping you from starting at a later point in the year once you realise that it’s worth the early morning starts!
We train every week at the river by Christchurch with the higher boats having around 6 sessions a week, and the lower boats having about 3. All the boats compete in Torpids and Summer VIII’s at the end of Hillary (Spring) and Trinity (Summer) term respectively, in a style of racing which involves trying to catch the boat in front without being caught by the boat behind (Called bumps racing), as well as external national events. With rowing you can do as much or as little as you like, if you have any questions please send me or men’s captain Rob an email – or

To find out more about the club, please see the boat club website !

Elysia Hannaford
Womens' Captain

Rob Strachan
Mens' Captain

John Gardner

Anna Cowling
Womens' Vice-Captain

Tim Koch
Mens' Vice-Captain

Iona Gilby
Captain of Coxing