For the last few years, Jesus has put forward a team for the inter-collegiate Sailing Cuppers competition. Although success has not always been great, enthusiasm has more than made up for it.

George Berry

Tim Koch
First mate

Sailing Cuppers



On Saturday of 1st week, Ben Rahumtulla (captain), Jon Hubbert, Owain Turner, Jonathan Clingman and Mia Talfourd-Cook travelled to Farmoor reservoir to compete in sailing cuppers. It was a team racing event with two boats per team. The competition was in the format of a round robin, with two colleges racing at a time (4 boats in a race). Boats were awarded points depending on their position, but the team with the last boat over the line automatically lost the race. The morning results were as follows:

Race 1: Ben and Mia 3rd; Jon and Owain 4th

Race 2: Ben and Mia 2nd; Jon and Owain 4th

These two races were back to back and closely fought. We were rather hindered by the lack of wind (when we checked the weather station on our return to land we found the average wind speed for the time we were racing had been 0mph!) but we still made it round the course (albeit rather slowly).

The wind picked up ever so slightly after lunch, as did our results:

Race 3: Mia and Jonathan 1st; Jon and Owain 4th

Race 4: Jonathan and Mia 1st; Jon and Owain 4th

Unfortunately the 1st positions didn’t count for anything because we still had the last boat over the line, however it was still a most enjoyable day out!

Sailing Cuppers 2013 Team