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Welcome to Jesus JCR

The JCR, or Junior Common Room, is the community of undergraduate students at Jesus College, Oxford. We are a fun and friendly bunch, please explore the pages on this site to see what we get up to! The blog to to the right will keep you up to date with recent news. We hope that this site will be useful to both current students, and to those thinking of applying.

Last Sports Round-Up of HT14

Some sport also happened towards the end of term.

The rugby team did okay. They won division 2 with the maximum possible number of points, and made it to the final of the Plate in a very complicated cup system that I think you need an Oxford degree to understand. As far as I understand it, you enter this once you get knocked out of Cuppers, or something like that. It’s to make sure everyone gets to “have a go”. Jesus made the final of this very competition last year and lost in a nail-biting finale to Hertford at Iffley. It’s taking place on either Friday or Saturday of 1st week of Trinity, so get down there and support the men of Jesus (and Matt Fielden as well) in their quest for yet more silverware/crockery. Can Fielden bow out of his Jesus captaincy with success?

Netball has been going irritatingly well this year as well. Some people questioned Williams’ leadership at times, some people thought she wasn’t up to the job, but she managed to grit her teeth and see the girls win every game they played this term. I’m just glad I backed her all along. This should mean that the girls are promoted next year, so hopefully the team will continue to go from strength to strength under the guidance of whoever next year’s lucky captain is.

Girls’ football had an unfortunate term. They did manage to play one game very early on, but couldn’t squeeze in the last game of the season due to the weather. It’s a slightly disappointing end for Captain Maguire, whose biggest achievement this year has got to be maintaining a smile despite the drubbing she takes on the sports round-up every week, deserves big commendation for actually making girls’ football a thing this year, since she regularly managed to put out a larger squad than the boys! Let’s hope next year, the captain can do even more of the same and put together even more wins.

Lacrosse has been a non-starter since it started. Every team in Oxford clearly did its best rain dance after seeing Khanijau’s side hand Wadham a 4-0 battering in 1st week of Michaelmas, meaning that no more fixtures were possible. This does, however, obviously mean that Jesus can claim a 100% record and Khanijau has one for his CV. Things can only be better next year.

Jesus’ badminton team has been going from strength to strength this term, winning 5-1 against Teddy Hall, with great performances from Jones, Rees and Alonzo. In addition to this match success, Sunday evening badminton has been seeing a rumoured record turn-out, nearing double figures by the end of term!

Hockey had a huge term. After the great escape last term, no one could have envisaged this term’s drama getting anywhere close. It did. Jesus went into the last game against LMH knowing that a win could see them promoted, a draw would see them safe, and a loss would mean relegation to the gloomy depths of div 4. Fordham’s men (and women) turned up in droves, with 19 players arriving at the ground to discover that LMH had only brought 3. Jesubite sportsmanship came through and Fordham agreed to play a mixed friendly and just record the match as a 5-0 win for Jesus. As word came through about Magdalen’s victory, many Jesus players were reduced to tears as they knew this meant that the promotion dream was alive no more. Next year’s captain will only hope that his team can manage the loss of such big names as Banerjee and Blundell to put together another promotion charge.

Women’s hockey didn’t see quite so much drama. The season fizzled out somewhat, although there is hope for next year being “our year” with a new captain at the helm.

Now, I know everyone hates rowing, but it’s going to get a little mention. Huge disappointment at the cancellation of Torpids was felt across Oxford. It was arguably felt by none more than the members of W1, who have been getting up 3 times a week pre-7am for circuits to no avail while M1, who decided to have their sessions at 5pm aren’t feeling quite as hard done by. There’s always next term…

Finally, to boys’ football. Masters may be slightly disappointed with the end of the season for the seconds, since the last game was a 3-3 draw with rivals Exeter. After losing 4-0 to them earlier in the year, this might seem a good result, but Jesus led 3-0 early on and just couldn’t hold out. Masters won’t be too disappointed however, as he was a virtual ever-present for the title-winning first team. After a difficult start and an unfortunate early exit in Cuppers to the eventual runners up, the firsts managed to put together a 10-game winning streak to secure the league title and promotion to div 2, scoring more goals and achieving more points than any other team in the university. It was made certain by a 3-0 victory over Corpus in 8th week, and has prompted rumours that Skillcorn might actually keep the captaincy due to the uncertainty of anyone else being able to do a better job. Only Trinity term will tell…

We all know it wouldn’t be an end of term sports roundup without some awards, so here goes:

The “man in a woman’s world” Award – Hugo Markland, for appearing for the netball team this term.

The “how on earth did he pull that off?” Award – Matt Fielden, for the incredible success of Jesus’ rugby team this year.

The Lifetime Achievement Award – Robert Steele, for his hockey double hat-trick, his cricket captaincy, and his role as right-back for JCFC – is there anything this boy can’t do?

The Angriest Captain Award – Hugo Manson, for “Jon, if you try and give me any more advice, I’ll punch you in the face”.

The Sports Writer of the Year Award – Faisal Ebrahim, for his Twitter coverage of Jesus’ hockey ups and downs.

The “I don’t care, I love it” Award – Rebecca Cavanagh, for still continuing with rowing despite being told “you’re at 3 until someone worse comes along”.

The “oops, I shouldn’t have said that” Award – Rebecca Cavanagh, for accidentally telling the W1 coach he’d been replaced before the captain did.

Team of the Year – All of you, genuinely this time, Jesus has dominated the world of college sport this term, and it’s been outstanding.

A waterlogged hockey match – representative of much sport this term.

JCR Election results HT14

The results of today’s election for Social Secretary, Entertainments Representative and the Charities Ballot are as follows:

Social Secretary: Anna Maguire

Entertainments Representative: Cat Thomson

Charities Ballot:
Cancer Research UK
Oxford Development Abroad
Schools Plus

Congratulations to all those who won. The numerical results can be found by clicking on the elected position.

2nd Sports Round-up of HT14

Sorry for the lengthy delay, but there really has not been a lot of sport going on this term at all. Most of our favourite sports have fallen victim to the weather, although seemingly none more so than rowing. The state of the Isis has led some people to question whether Christ Church Lake is a more appropriate name. Who knows what’s going to happen by Torpids?

Netball has continued its relative success. The one game the girls played ended in victory (maybe 18-10, or 18-12, or something – some scoreline where Jesus scored more than the other team). The courts have been a bit slippery later, and apparently this is quite dangerous, so in their infinite wisdom, Williams and the opposition captains have been postponing the games.

The really big news is hockey. After the amazing end to last term continued in 1st week, there hasn’t been quite so much success for Fordham’s mixed side since. A last-gasp 2-0 defeat to M&Ms (come on Merton-Mansfield, grow up) on a somewhat damp pitch saw some heroic performances, with Hubbert, in his determination to win the ball back for his team, showing commendable ignorance to every rule hockey has ever seen. The following day saw the big match. The cuppers quarter-final. The odds were against Jesus, missing arguably their two best players in Mooney and Stobbart against a solid SPC/Hertford. After going 2-0 down, things weren’t looking good for Jesus, but then that man Manson popped up 5 minutes from the end to score and give Jesus some hope of resurrection. Alas, it was not to be, though the final score of 2-1 could have been very different on another day.

The girls team have not had much hockey to speak of, with their cuppers charge being ended in a much crueller way. The official line is that captain Knill could not get a team together, although unconfirmed rumours circulating in college suggest it may in fact have been because she could not get herself out of bed.

Unusually, the girls football team have played more than the boys lately. A heart-wrenching 2-1 defeat to those pesky M&Ms does not tell the full story. By far the girls’ best performance of the season, with a fantastic strike from Wray putting Jesus ahead on the stroke of half-time, it just was not to be in the second-half, and a cruel deflection off Maguire sent the ball rocketing past Phillips in goal. Not a bad result against a team containing the Blues captain. One more game left for the girls to make amends. Masters’ seconds team had a successful result leading into the weather break. A 5-2 drubbing of Somerville was pleasing, but the game was so long ago, I can’t really remember what happened.

The men’s badminton team had their second match of the season against Keble. For once Hirst managed to get three people who actually wanted to play so that was a good start. Unfortunately the team’s enthusiasm wasn’t enough to win us the match as again we came up against strong opposition, which I guess is to be expected in division 1. Freshers, Owain and Theo played well together in the doubles, narrowly losing one match. Anil was forced to carry his partnership with David who was far from his best (blaming fatigue) and made a good début for the team. Then in the singles Owain regained some dignity for JCBaC with a very tight victory, so there were some positives to take away from it.

1st Sports Round-up of HT14

We’re back!

The first sport to start its Hilary Term was mixed hockey. Fordham’s men (and women) were back in training last Sunday with a turnout described by coach Stobbart as “better than the blues”. It clearly paid off. Against the tough opposition of Lincoln, undefeated the previous season without conceding a goal, it was going to be a tough ask. The absence of in-form striker Sam Skillcorn (quote from Rob Fordham, I didn’t write that bit!) added to the enormity of the task against the Oxford seconds goalkeeper. The “angriest man in college hockey”, Hugo Manson, managed to stay calm for long enough to produce an inspired performance, scoring 4 before he had to be subbed off. The trio of Banerjee, Hubbert and Khanijau must’ve struggled to sleep thinking about the abundance of missed chance, and their post-match report will definitely be “could do better”. Downes was also cruelly denied what would have been his first clean sheet in nearly 2 years after conceding a late goal as a result of some suspect defending. 5-1 the result.

The mixed badminton team also saw its first game, against St John’s. Although it unfortunately ended up in a Jesus loss, the match saw some promising performances against a good side. Rose and Harry deserve a special mention for stepping in at the last minute to play, although they also deserve criticism for leaving it to the last minute to volunteer!

Netball is still going surprisingly well. The girls won 12-2 this week with some special performances from Beth and Rosie scoring some frankly incredible goalshots to give Jesus victory. Maybe, with the girls continuing their good form, captain Williams might actually try and take an interest in the overall progress of her team.

Rugby achieved promotion without even playing a game this week. It has been unanimously decided in the sporting world that Exeter are scared to play Jesus. After forfeiting last term’s hockey match, they were unable to get enough players together, leaving Jesus with the win, promotion and, barring any ridiculous results this week, probably the division 2 title. Tuesday’s game against Worcester will decide that for sure. Who’d have thought that, even with the distinctly unmighty Fielden at the helm, the rugby boys could do so well?

The football first team also achieved promotion this week, although they actually had to play a game in order to do this. A 7-0 thrashing of 10-man Oriel meant Jesus are also all-but-guaranteed the league title, running away with it after 8 wins out of 9. The battle to be top scorer is hotting up, with Llyr thinking he had caught up, only to see current leader Cooke come back with a second-half hat-trick. Massive game this week for the boys where the title can be confirmed at Barts on Saturday. The seconds didn’t have quite so much of a good time of it this week, losing 3-0 away to Queen’s, although everyone agreed that it was good to get back out on the pitch and blow away those Christmas cobwebs.

The mixed hockey team having just beaten Lincoln 5-1.

JCR news 19/1/2014

Hello Jesus,

Welcome to Hilary term! Hope that everyone had a great vacation, collections went well and people are ready for the term ahead!

The first JCR meeting of term is this Monday at 5:15pm. Lots of motions, a chance to see the new committee in action, and there’s going to be pizza – don’t miss it!

Short notice I know but welfare tea is at 3:30pm today!

The social termcard is now live on the JCR website – click here to see the full thing.

First pub quiz of the term is tonight in the bar, and Daf’s also introducing Port Mondays as of tomorrow – see his email for more info

Hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy the term!


Sports Round-up 8th week MT13

It’s practically irrelevant what happened in any other sport this week, as football grabbed all of the headlines. Still, in the interests of formality, it should be said that the rugby team scraped an 89-0 victory against the mighty Merton-Mansfield who, with over 400 students available to their team, should really be able to beat a team captained by Matt Fielden. Since even he scored in this game, unconfirmed allegations of match fixing have been bandied around college in recent days. Apparently Hugo Markland played in this game too, and he wanted a mention.

Lacrosse and hockey both finished their terms in previous weeks, with both captains looking ahead to next season, Fordham in particular, with a Cuppers quarter-final against Peter’s/Hertford looking to bring in the crowds early next term. Could JCHC be returning to its glory days?

Now, to football. Still sitting at the top of the table, Skillcorn went into this week knowing that games against 2nd-place Corpus and 3rd-place Somerville in one week could make or break the Jesus season. The Corpus game was a high-quality affair, with great football from both sides and some solid performances all around. However, when both the captain and last season’s top scorer grab their first goals of the season in the same game, it’s always going to end well. In a fitting end to the game, seeing the referee describe Skillcorn as “a confident little bugger” for asking for injury time at 2-2, Jesus went down to the Corpus end and got a penalty. Up stepped the Welsh wonder Llyr to smash it into the top corner and secure a potentially vital 3-2 victory.

Only half of the week’s work was done though. The crowds flocked to the Friday of 8th week showdown between Jesus and Somerville, riding on the promise of snacks and drinks. After losing 3-2 in the return fixture on the opening day, Jesus had a point to prove. A nervy first half saw the scores tight at 0-0, but the game opened up in the second half after a wonderfully rehearsed free-kick routine made even the swinging boot of Turnbull look deft as he found the bottom corner. Somerville then had a man sent off as they lost their nerve and, in their rush to score, Jesus broke and scored to leave the final score 2-0. Such a result would not have been possible without the adoring fans ensuring the Fortress (Barts) lived up to its name. Jesus need one more win in the final four games to secure promotion.

Finally, some awards for the term.

The “woman in a man’s world” Award – Kathy Page, for her goalkeeping performance in Hockey Cuppers vs Keble

The Most Dedicated Captain Award – Kim Williams who, when asked how Jesus netball was going, said “we’re in divison 3, or it might be 5, whatever the bottom one is”

The Worst Dressed Award – JCBC Men’s IV at IWL (mainly Rob Fordham), for their socks and headbands combo

The “I was never really going to quit” Award – President President President Leo Gebbie

Mr/Miss Competitive – Anna Maguire

The “they bicker like a married couple” Award – Hugo Manson and Molly Johnson-Jones, for their outstanding working relationship as rowing captains this term

Team of the Year Award – All of them, you’re all marvellous

No really…

Team of the Year Award – Jesus College Cricket, for not losing a match all term

Most Valuable Player – Me

Thanks for reading. There’ll be more to come next term!

Thanks to Sam Skillcorn for increasingly detailed and increasingly scathing sports round-ups this term.

Sports Round-up 7th week MT13

Without doubt, the highlight of the week was hockey. The mixed team, despite only having 9 players, smashed Brasenose 11-2 in the final game of the season, avoiding relegation and ending up with a level goal difference. To demonstrate the lacklustre nature of the Brasenose defence, even Manson managed to put 5 past them, though this may well have something to do with the fact that it was their keeper’s first ever game. The girls were also successful this week, needing only 8 players to win 2-0.

The rugby team continued their great run of form in division 2 this week, with a convincing 46-19 away win at St John’s/St Anne’s to go top of the table, having only just been promoted. Fielden will be delighted that his team are continuing to perform so well, and hoping it carries through to next term. The final game of this term takes place next week.

No league games were played in men’s football this week, though some would say that the All Stars fixture is bigger than any league game. For the first time in a number of years, the current team managed to beat the All Stars, though this was helped greatly by the latter only bringing 6 players. After some reshuffling of the teams, a game of 10-a-side saw a 7-5 victory for Jesus. With 2 huge games this week against 2nd and 3rd in the table the boys are hoping this momentum will help them hold onto top spot. The women achieved a hard fought 1-1 draw at Balliol with Mulholland’s goal leading people to question whether she actually hasn’t played before.

New to the sports report this week is news of the badminton team who unfortunately lost their match at Worcester, but some good performances against some uni players meant the team had nothing to be ashamed of.

There may have been a netball game this week but since the captain didn’t bother to let me know the result I can only assume they lost. No lacrosse games either as the league has officially been cancelled for this term, leaving Jesus with a 100% win ratio.

As everyone knows, it was Christ Church regatta this week, read all about it here.

Look here next week for the final sports round-up of term, with some special features.

Carol Service

On Sunday, Jesubites filled the darkened chapel clutching candles for the annual carol service. Every space was taken – with many people sitting on cushions – in order to share some Christmas cheer at the beginning of 8th week.

There were many congregational carols, all sung enthusiastically and accompanied by an impressive brass section, including ‘Once in Royal David’s City’, ‘Hark the Herald’ and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’. The choir sang some beautiful music throughout, from Rachmaninov’s ‘Bogoroditsye Dyevo’ (yes – in Russian!) to ‘For Unto Us a Child is Born’ from Handel’s Messiah to the pretty ‘Cherry Tree Carol’ which has some rather peculiar words. The music was interspersed with readings telling the Christmas Story, read by a fresher, a finalist, a graduate, a fellow and the Principal.

Thank you to everybody who helped make it such a beautiful service.

JCR Committee Election Results

The results are in and the JCR committee for next year are…

Vice-President-Treasurer: Alex Proudfoot

Women’s Welfare Officer: Flossie Hunt

Men’s Welfare Officer: Sam Skillcorn

Access Representative: Rebecca Cavanagh

Charities Representative: Jess Rodger

Environment and Ethics Representative: Beth Jones

Academic Affairs Representative: Anil Keshwani

Secretary: Matthew Knight

Sports Representative: Lucy Harris

Arts Representative: Lydia Cooper

Bar and Food Representative: Dafydd Roberts-Harry

OUSU Representative: Tim Bell

Equal Opportunities Officer: Douglas Cameron-Hobbs

IT Officer: Laura Neilson

Social Secretary: Sam Flahive

Entertainments Representative: Emilia Belli

The winners of the charities ballot are Helen and Douglas House, Student Minds and ASCO.

The numerical results from each contest can be found by clicking on the committee role.

Congratulations to all those elected!

Sports Round-up 6th Week MT13

One of the biggest successes this week was mixed hockey, where goals from Gravell (2), Flahive, Stobbart and Maassen saw Jesus beat first division Keble 5-2 to advance to the next round of Cuppers. Captain Fordham had been dreaming all week of a giant killing and our attacking flair meant that his dreams came true.

The seconds football team weren’t quite as fortunate in Cuppers, going down 4-0 to Turl Street rivals Exeter. This can be partly put down to the Captain arriving at half time due to Birmingham’s horrendous rail network. Fear not – the team are going strong in the league so promotion may be on the cards. There was no game for the firsts this week, leaving them sitting pretty at the top of the table. The girls’ game was also cancelled, giving Jesus their second win of the season in the second game that Captain Maguire didn’t play.

A lacrosse friendly on Saturday brought a narrow 12-5 defeat for Jesus but the game was somewhat unfair as many of the Queen’s players seemed to actually know the rules. It’s hoped that the league might get up and running again, but who really knows?

This week’s netball match was stopped early as one of the Jesus players took a ball to the nose, but this means two games next week. Rumour has it, she’s finally manned-up and stopped complaining about it.

The rugby team had their first taste of division 2 action this week, and some would say it’s even a bit too easy. With complete disregard for the song “Jesus can’t play rugby because he’s only got 12 mates”, the 13 men of Jesus convincingly beat Oriel 31-7 to get their season off to a great start. Tom “Susan” De Sousa stole the show with two tries, although the rest of the team insist he simply fell over the line.

If you haven’t heard about this week’s rowing success, where have you been? See here for the details.

Men’s novices win the Nephthys Regatta!

Saturday saw the mens’ novices win the Nephthys Regatta after some spectacular races. This is a fantastic achievement, particularly ahead of Christ Church Regatta this coming week. You can read the boat club’s report of the success here.

Charity Race Night

Thursday of 6th saw the Jesus bar being taken over by the charity race night. In amongst the buzz of the betting there was apple bobbing, fairground games, candy floss and popcorn. With many in black tie and other Ascot-esque dress it was a sight to behold down in 4th quad. The night ended with a final race pre-filmed between Lord Krebs himself, John the Butler, Chris Smith, Emilia Carslaw, James Walker and Jamie Tabbert.

When it came to handing out the prizes, Tom Downes won a bale of hay, Diego a won a top hat, and Hugo Manson walked away with a £40 bar tab. It was a great night for everyone who was there, with everybody grateful to Aida for organising such a fantastic event.

JCR President Election results

The JCR has voted (well – 37% of the electorate), and it has been decided that next year’s JCR President will be Leo Gebbie with 63% of the vote. Full results can be viewed here.

Sports Round-up 5th Week MT13

Jesus sport really is going from strength to strength. Rugby truly stole the show this week with a very convincing 60something-5 win over St Peter’s to secure promotion to the dizzy heights of division 2. Jesus dominated the game throughout, with even Matt “rugby’s slowest half-back” Fielden managing to make a few surging runs through the Peter’s defence. The division 2 season starts immediately in 6th week, so look out for Jesus’ first game against Oriel on Tuesday.

Football’s first team, not willing to allow rugby to take all of the glory, took a convincing 9-1 win over Oriel to send them to the top of the league, and some are even daring to talk of a title for Jesus come the end of Hilary, but perhaps it is too early to say. The 2nds were equally successful; with a resounding 5-1 win over top-division LMH 2nds at Barts sending them into the next round of Cuppers for a grudge match with Exeter 2nds this Sunday. Rumour has it Masters is already losing sleep over the team selection for such a massive game. Jesus’ women were unable to continue their good form of last week, this time losing 5-0 to Teddy Hall (who, Maguire insists, are a division above Jesus, which makes this okay).

Netball unfortunately didn’t have a game this week due to the opposition seeing Williams’ potential starting line-up and suddenly (conveniently) “not being able to get a team together”.

Hockey hasn’t had quite so much success, with a 7-0 defeat to Brasenose in the mixed variety this weekend. The league table is still looking bright, however, as Jesus are shown as having lost two out of two, but still having scored 9 and conceded 4. Bonus. Cuppers this weekend for Fordham’s men (and Kathy) may just be the turning point.

Lacrosse has been a bit of a disaster this term. After steamrollering through Wadham in the first of the season, Khanijau’s team have been denied further success by the weather and the Uni Parks groundsmen, so whether the season will continue is still unknown.

Finally, to rowing. The men competed in Autumn Fours, losing to Balliol in a hard-fought race, though since both crews share the same coach, there was talk of some bias and split allegiances. Meanwhile, the women’s biggest battle this week was making it to an 8.30am post-bop outing, which by all accounts was fairly entertaining, with unconfirmed talk suggesting at least three of the crew hadn’t managed to sleep enough to become hungover…

Keep looking here for the results of all of next week’s big sports matches.

JCR news 17/11/2013

Hey Jesus,

Hope you all successfully survived 5th week – the countdown to the holidays has now begun.

Elections for JCR President are THIS WEEK! You have until Tuesday at noon to sign up in the JCR (nomination sheets are on the notice board). Husts will then be on Wednesday at 1pm, and the election will take place on Thursday using our online voting system. Again – if you’re interested in the job, drop me an email and I’ll let you know more.

Our penultimate JCR meeting of term will be tomorrow at 7pm. There will be free food and short husts from some of the candidates for this week’s OUSU election.

OUSU elections are this week – and you can vote online between Tuesday and Thursday with the unique voter code you will have received via email. Leo will be in touch soon with more information.

Welfare Tea as always is today at 4pm, and the pub quiz will be on at 9pm.

Finally, don’t forget to get yourself a ticket for Aida’s super exciting Charity Race Night event. Should be a great night and all the proceeds go to our three elected JCR charities!

Wishing you a happy 6th week,


Sports Round-Up 4th Week MT13

A rain affected week meant that fixtures in netball and mixed lacrosse were cancelled, leaving huge disappointment among fans and players alike. Fear not though, these sports will return in coming weeks.

In brighter news (pardon the pun), the girls’ football team on Sunday managed to achieve their first win of the season, 4-1 against Wadham. Since this was also the first game Captain Maguire hasn’t played, questions must surely be raised over next week’s team selection, and whether she deserves her place.

The boys didn’t have such a good time on Friday, going out of cuppers 2-1 away to St Catz. However, against the premier division side, this is not a result to be ashamed of. Should we be questioning Captain Skillcorn’s leadership as well? Some would say no, since earlier in the week, the firsts’ beat an under-represented Christ Church 4-1. The seconds managed also to achieve their first win of the season, beating Worcester 3rds 1-0 on Tuesday, to Masters’ delight. With a big cuppers game coming up on Sunday, the win could not have come at a better time.

A very belated start to the mixed hockey season didn’t end up as the fairy-tale that Captain Fordham had hoped. Rumour has it he was heard crying himself to sleep after the 5-1 defeat to St Hugh’s. Below is a picture of the fallen heroes after the match. The girls’ hockey match this week was clearly an important one, as a number of the players couldn’t even remember the result after the game. So much dedication in that team.

Perhaps Jesus’ most impressive result this week was the rugby team’s 101-5 victory over whipping boys Magdalen with even Gebbie managing to get on the score sheet for the second time this term. The final game of the season takes place this Thursday against St Peter’s at Barts, so if you can get down to watch the 2.30pm kick-off, the boys would really appreciate your support. A win for Jesus would secure promotion into division 2, so it really is a massive game.

JCR news 10/11/2013

Hello Jesus,

It’s 5th Week already, but don’t let the 5th Week Blues get you down – the JCR has so much going on!

This week, as well as the pub quiz tonight as per usual, there’s Karaoke in the bar this Thursday, and then on Friday we have our next college Bop! Theme coming soon from Jess. Get down to the bar Friday night to buy your boptail tickets for what promises to be another great night.

The next JCR meeting of term will be next week – that’s Monday of 6th Week. This will also be a constitutional change meeting (!), so get any motions to Ellie by this time next week, CCing in Rosie if it’s asking for money. The meeting will start with OUSU husts for the Presidential and VP Welfare & Equal Ops positions. Food will be provided.

Please keep making any welfare requests to Niall or Eva. Just drop them an email and they can provide you with lots of free condoms, lube, pregnancy tests, and dental dams.

Nomination forms for JCR President go up this Tuesday. If you’re interested in running for president (everyone should), then drop me an email and I can tell you a bit more about the job.

Don’t let the 5th Week Blues get you down!


Changes to lunch in hall

This weekend, note that lunch is available at different times to normal, so make sure you don’t miss out if you’re intending to eat in hall!

Friday: 12.00-1.00pm

Saturday: 1.00-1.30pm

Sunday brunch: 12.00-1.00pm

Sports Round-Up 3rd Week MT13

3rd week was incredibly successful for Jesus’ sports teams, however it started off badly on Tuesday with Jesus football 2nds suffering a 7-3 defeat at the hands of Wadham 3rds. The first team had a more pleasant week with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Univ on Friday. The first team have cuppers this week, away at St Catz on Friday, so come down and support and look here for the results next week. The girls’ team were less fortunate in cuppers, losing 6-0 to a Blues-packed Keble on Sunday.

Jesus mixed lacrosse managed to avenge the footballers’ defeat to Wadham with a 4-0 victory in Khanijau’s first game as captain. A friendly against St Peter’s followed which was not quite as successful, but a 5-2 loss to a team fielding 4 Blues is not bad going. A photo of the winning team can be seen below. Hopefully the team will continue their good run this week.

The rugby team got back to winning ways with a 22-12 victory over Corpus Christi/Somerville, so if they can continue to put some good wins together, promotion could be on the cards.

Perhaps the most successful sport this week was netball, with 3 wins on Friday. Corpus forfeited the first match, Hertford were beaten 16-8 and the girls then beat Trinity 8-3. There is one match this week on Friday, so if anyone wants to play, get in touch with Kim.

Mixed hockey saw a quiet week this week with no games or training, but their season begins this Sunday. Women’s hockey unfortunately lost 3-1 to Brasenose.

Finally, Sunday was a good day for Jesus rowing with good results in the Isis Winter League, which can be found here.

JCR news 3/11/2013

Hey Jesus,

The next JCR meeting of term will be held tomorrow (Monday) at 7pm in the JCR – and yes, this time there will be some motions. As always, there will be free food and reports from the committee.

This week there will be Karaoke down in the bar – always worth coming along to. Make sure you make it down. More details to come from Rich in the near future.

A reminder that nominations are currently open for the upcoming OUSU elections, and close this Thursday at midday. Anyone interested can get in touch with Leo ( ) for more information.

Another reminder that if anyone has anything they want sent from the JCR’s Facebook or Twitter accounts, send it along to Laura ( ) and she’ll send it out.

Finally – elections for the new JCR President are coming up soon. Nominations will open on Tuesday of 5th week, so if you’re interested and want to know a bit more about the job, drop me an email and I’ll answer any questions you have!

Wishing you all a brilliant week,